Saggart Kenpo Karate Club Dublin Ireland


Karate Classes

Classes are on a Tuesday and Thursday evening in St. Marys GFC, Saggart, Co. Dublin.
For a detailed map of our location please click here.

5 years - 18 years:

Tuesday from 6pm till 7pm

Thursday from 6pm till 7pm

What to wear if starting:

Tracksuit bottoms or cotton trousers and a t-shirt.
If ,after a few lessons ,your child shows a continuing interest in Kenpo, then you can purchase a proper suit and safety equipment from the various Instructors as we believe "safety is first".

What is Kenpo Karate?

Kenpo is a dynamic and extremely effective martial art that is perfectly suited not only for use as a method of self-defence but also as a way of life that increases awareness in yourself and your environment.

What are the benefits of learning Kenpo?

Practice of Kenpo forms (Kata), self-defence techniques, and free style sparring (combination of boxing, and kicking) has several benefits.



-Develops and improves balance, coordination, and stamina.

-Develops an awareness of what your body can do.

-Develops and improves focus, determination, attention to detail, discipline, and precision.


Self-defense techniques

-Training and practice self-defence techniques teach you how to respond to physical conflict in close quarters, such as between parked cars, in a bar, or at the ATM. Training creates an awareness of your physical surroundings, and the confidence you need to handle any situation where you’ve come into harm’s way. You can feel confident in your ability to

-Avoid physical confrontations.

-If avoidance is not possible, surviving a life threatening attack.


Free style sparring

Unplanned, spontaneous use of hands and feet develops speed, eye-hand coordination and agility.
-Free Style Sparring prepares you for physical confrontation in an open, spacious environment, such as in a park, on the beach, or other open space.